Retirement Never Looked So Good!

Gitza Sheehan

55 Year Old Retired Beauty from Arvada, CO

Goal: Lose 12 lbs

Achievement: Lost 8 lbs in Challenge; Completed 1/2 Marathon

Gitza came to RightFitt to find good habits and more energy. She found both in addition to a love of our SKIN line and the motivation to do a 1/2 marathon! Gitza shares her story through a personal thank you email!!

I am so glad to be part working with right Fitt and taking some of the herbalife products. As of today I have lost 8 lbs, 2.2% body fat, and 9.5 inches. I have increased my muscle mass by 1%.

My goals were to lose 1.5 a month and to lose a total of 10 to 12 pounds. I am almost there!!!. Thank you for your YOUTUBES exercises and virtual workouts to do at home, and encouragement.

I truly believe this is my time to shine and to be the best I can be. I have been exercising with the elliptical, Zumba, NIA and yoga classes.(at least once a week each); and in the spring I did more walking during my lunch time entered a few 5K races. I even did a 1/2 marathon!

Also, I am trying to manage my stress levels at work, and manage my overall health and eat better. I feel great, and fabulous for a 55 year old women. Last time I measure myself I was 50 years younger. It felt good.

I couldn’t have done it without your help and encouragement and my other exercises I have been doing.

Thank you,


Gitza wanted to improve her health and her habits with a very moderate weight loss goal and she achieved that and so much more! Congrats Gitza - We are proud of you!!

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