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Summer Survival Kit 🌞

Summer is here! BBQs, Boating, Vacations and more.... so maybe (just maybe) weight loss isn't TOP of mind??

How about SURVIVING THE SUMMER with all the fun but WITHOUT THE GAIN!??

Check out our Summer Survival Kit to help you enjoy the ride without the damage. Pick from the products that look right to you and order from your coach!

Check out our summer survival kit and recommended products to keep you on track!!

1.) Snack Defense and Thermobond (aka carb and fat blockers) - be sure to have these on hand and take 10 minutes before you splurge on carbs or fats like chips, pizza, beer (the good stuff). Taking them before hand will minimize the damage!

2.) Total Control - if you’re taking in extra calories you might as well up your metabolism! Take your total control 2 to 3 times a day to keep burning through those extra calories!

3.) Prolessa (aka fat burner) - some people think they shouldn’t take Prolessa unless they’re exactly on their program… That’s not the case! Take prolessa to stay ahead of the game and continue to burn that stomach and hip fat even when you’re not being perfect with your nutrition! Not to mention it will ward off hunger!

4.) Celluloss - all of that heat… Extra salt… Processed foods … do you ever notice how you retain water during this time!? take cellulose at least three times a day to keep pushing that water through!

5.) Lit Teas & Beverage Mixes (aka mixers) - One of the major contributors to summerweight gain is alcohol! And what often accompanies alcohol is sugar! Avoid the sugar mixers and try switching it up using lift off, tea, aloe and beverage mixes!!

6.) Collagen - not only is the strawberry lemonade collagen a delicious summer flavor… But it will help keep things tight!!

7.) SHAKES!!! Nothing beats an absolutely amazing 200 cal 24 g of protein and 21 essential vitamins and nutrients Shake… Especially if it taste like strawberry cheesecake or tropical paradise!! You don’t just do two shakes a day to lose weight… Remember these are a basic meal you can prep anytime… save money, cool down, enjoy the energy and add shakes to your regular groceries!

Finally! Be sure to check out all of the popsicle recipes and healthier cocktail recipes in our private Facebook group and on! Why not cool down with some refreshing healthy creations (that are protein based!)


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