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I'm thankful...

Novmeber #Rightfittchallenge

Get results from home in less than 10 minutes a day... mind and body

We give gratitude EVERY day of the year... but this month we take the time to give even more gratitude and we give more gratitude for more things!! 

We naturally have your 10 minute workout of the day... but we also have an extra MINDSET portion where we focus on gratitude each and every day.  You can participate in one or both!  

Don't forget, this month we also have an intense - Lose 10 lbs BEFORE Thanksgiving Challenge going on!!  If you want to get in on the action, register HERE

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Each day we will give public gratitude.  We will connect with one thing we are grateful for and encourage those around us to give their gratitude as well.  This process is simple:

I am thankful for....

  • Each morning or evening, write gratitude for something in a journal or on piece of paper somewhere.  Connect with the gratitude for at least 1 minute to really think about what it would be like if you DID NOT have that thing.  This will help you connect with a true appreciation for the thing.

  • POST your gratitude on your social media. This may be on your facebook page, your IG story, SnapChat, twitter.... up to you.  It could even be on our RightFitt Community group if you are not in favor of being in front of others yet.  Where ever you choose to share - that will be your audience that you are potentially inspiring!  Check in to RightFitt if possible and use the hashtag #RightFittChallenge and #FittMind so we can all follow one another's journey.  Also - feel free to tag your FittCoach to reach even more people.  This is how we influence the world.  


You will be SO thankful when each of these .... are DONE!!!  

I am thankful I never have to do 100 BLANK again.

That's right!!  You have to do 100 reps a day!!!  And we are quite certain you will be SO THANKFUL you don't have to do 100 again when you are done!

To make this even more effective, we suggest you TIME how long it takes you to do your 100 reps.  They should be good form and full range of motion (aka don't cheat because you are trying to move quick)  For example - don't do half push ups so it looks good for time.  Instead touch your chest on EVERY rep and take breaks... longer time but MORE results! 


You will do 100 of an exercise each day before Thanksgiving!  Thanksgiving is on the 26th which means your goal will be to accomplish at least 25 workouts aka 25 exercises.  I suggest doing ONE exercise a day (100 reps), but if you need to double up because you miss a day - you can.   For example, you might do squats and bicep curls on one day.  Finally, if you want the extra challenge, there are 31 exercises listed total.  You can do ALL 31 if you would like!!  

After you complete your exercise of the day - Post your accomplishment.  It should look like this:

I am thankful I never have to do 100 Burpees again!!!  My time was 7 minutes.  Anyone down to try it - Post your time below?  #RightFittChallenge #BurpeesSuck 

(check in @RightFitt if you use facebook)

BONUS - If you like winning things - check in on facebook using your page and the #RightFittChallenge - we award our random winners by searching this hashtag and RightFitt Check ins!  You will see them announced in our private community group!   If you don't like posting  - share in the private RightFitt Community Group or your coaches group (you just don't win a free stuff.  If you don't use FB or post at all - just cross off the list as you complete each one!  

Now for the list.  If there is a asterisk* next to the exercise you HAVE to do it by the end of the challenge (unless there is an injury prohibiting that exercise).  There are more than enough exercises to choose from.  Complete 25 or more!!   

You MUST do the following... I recommend going in this order and getting the really hard ones out of the way.  Click on the link to see a video explaining the exercise!

For your remaining exercises, pick from any on this list!  Some of them use different weights so this gives you options no matter what your workout situation!  

When checking in - I recommend to use the link to the workout if you are challenging others to do the exercise!  



Join us to lose 10lbs before the holidays begin!​


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