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I Wanted Something I Could Do For a Lifetime

Fitt Results Alert:

Christine Greenlee

Part Time Appraiser & Momma from Thornton, CO

Goal: Tone Up Achievement: Now Consistently Works Out!! (lost 21 lbs)

World meet Christine! She is 42 years old and a momma of 2.

When Christine came to ProjectMe, she was a seeking a change...She hadn't worked out since high school... and although she is thin, she never felt FITT.

"When I first started I knew nothing... I knew nothing about nutrition...I knew nothing about working out."

And not only did she want to find her FITT, she wanted something that would LAST

"I wanted something I could do for a lifetime."

Thankfully, a friend invited her to a workout at a local park with a bunch of other moms. (Something that was WAY out of her comfort zone) That is where she met one of our amazing coaches, Dawn. Dawn started teaching her about some of the ProjectMe basics including macros and the importance of enjoying her workouts.

After a little time, she decided to join the full ProjectMe program and started joining some of the #RightFittAbs . She also kickstarted the ProjectMe Intermediate workout program (a specific guided workout program we provide for our clients that they can do from ANYWHERE!) Toning up was her goal, and tone up she did!!

"I got a six pack for the first time in my life... I never thought I would be able to do that as a 41 year old mom of two!"

Christine is now hooked. Her "pot belly" is gone. Even though she didn't intend on losing any weight, she dropped 21 lbs. But most importantly, she now is able to enjoy a variety of foods and beverages and her results aren't going anywhere! She has already been in 3 ProjectMe photoshoots and she is starting to inspire others!

"I got in the best shape of my life with ProjectMe! But the best thing is I am able to maintain while loving my lifestyle."

If you are looking to elevate your health or get back on track, set up a free consultation with Coach Dawn and see what would work best for you!!

If you are ready to take a leap and give YOURSELF the chance to make the change, fill out this form and request a

If you don't know another RightFitt client or coach, pick Dawn as your contact!!

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