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Make Yourself A Priority

Fitt Results Alert:

Wendy Sonntag

41 Year Old Full Time Associate at Chase Bank of Momma of 4 from Phillipsburg, KS

Goal: To Lose 40lbs

Achievement: Lost 27lbs so far

World meet Wendy! This full time working momma of four had heard about RightFitt and ProjectMe, but the timing never seemed to be right. There was always the perfect excuse. But the day that Wendy's wedding ring no longer fit, was the day she was OVER IT. It was time to make a real change!

When covid hit and gyms shut down... (well... everything shut down)... Wendy needed to find a solution. She finally found the need and desire to say YES!

Wendy jumped right into ProjectMe! Each person who joins us get to choose what tools make the most sense for them to utilize. We are all unique, so it's important that we can do it OUR way. Wendy didn't elect to use all of the tools, but she did decide to:

- Share her starting pics

- Declare her Hot Shot (which happened to be a pic of herself when she was 22 which is so inspirational)

- Join the weekly love meetings (even if she was a little late lol)

- Follow the nutrition macros and supplements

- Interact and ask questions in our private groups

Using these tools, she quickly found her flow and started getting results from home despite covid. She found herself even wanting MORE and started joining the unique monthly at-home #RightFittChallenge options to giver her even more options! These are now one of Wendy's favorite features of what we offer. She looks forward to the accountability and creativity of each challenge and finds that they push her to get results she never would have been able to achieve without. For $10 a month... why NOT!?

"I feel such a difference. I have so much energy now and I am down almost 30lbs."

Another unique feature of RightFitt and ProjectMe is that we don't just coach nutrition. We also focus on mindset, positivity, happiness, stress relief and personal development.

"What’s even better than the weight loss, my mindset has changed. This mindset shift has been huge. I feel like I am a different person. I have had a personality shift where I am a more positive and happy person."

Before the program, Wendy had a hard time doing things for herself and taking time for herself. She felt the 'Mom Guilt' that so many of have. But now Wendy realizes she DESERVES to feel her best... and "if momma's not happy, nobody's happy"😂

"ProjectMe has allowed and encouraged me to find time for ME. I am now a priority and my family is thankful because I show up differently to life!"

Check Out My Coach - Dawn Swartz

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