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Kick this year off with a positive start and make a positive change in your health and fitness!  This fun 8 week challenge will provide you with everything you need to get long lasting results. Here are the details!


WHO Should Join?  

YOU!  Your Company!  Your Family!  Your Tribe!  Anyone wanting to fine tune their nutrition and health habits. If you want to LOSE WEIGHT, you will be entered in a prize to win CASH!!!  Everyone will be entered to win the weekly giveaways!  

WHY Teams?

We have been in such a world of social distance and disconnect, we think it's time to start building relationships again!  So why not do it in a positive way!  We are going to have added prizes and incentives for forming teams!!  If you come in with a team of 3-5, your total entry fee is only $100 for the entire group (as little as $20 a person)... but your team will also be entered in an additional Cash Prize Pool!!!  The team who loses the highest average weight loss percentage WINS!  The more people who enter, the bigger the prize pot, the MORE you win!!  

Entry Fee

Individual $35

Team $100 (for 3-5 people)

** Remember - all Entry Fees go into the PRIZE POOL!!!

WHAT Do I Get?

Aside from amazing results!!?  Well let's see...

~ Free macro planning one-to-one session with your Fitt Coach to discuss goals and strategies

~ Personalized nutrition program (prices vary; must be utilizing nutrition program to be eligible for cash prize)

~ Online support, education and community building

~ 24/7 results coaching to answer all of your questions and needs!

~ Weekly lessons to give you the education you need for long term results

  • MyFitnessPal 101 - Understanding your macros and calories

  • Protein - How much, what types and WHY!?

  • Carbs - Do I need to count them?  Should I be carb obsessed?

  • Fats - Is low fat better?  What are the good fats vs bad fats?

  • Exercise - Can I outrun a bad diet? How much is enough and how much is too much?

  • Digestion - Your poop makes all the difference in your results

  • Long Term Results - Don't give up the foods you love... Mng Stress and Sleep... Teach me how to make my results last!

  • Proactive health - Intro to immune health, heart health, joints, healthy aging and more!

~ YOUR FITT COACH!!!  This is your one stop shop to reach REAL RESULTS and learn the tools to sustain your results long term!

HOW Does It Work?

This challenge is simple and done completely from home.  After completing this registrations, you will receive an email and link giving you specific instructions.  You will:

- Meet with your coach to get YOUR personalized plan and macros

- Weigh in with your coach (virtually) to take your starting stats NO EARLIER THAN JANUARY 9th

- Option to join our Private Facebook Group for recipes, workouts, support, motivation and more

- Option to join our Private Telegram Chat to interact throughout the day and ask questions about nutrition, fitness and results at any time!

- Join weekly lessons or rewatch them to get educated for long term results... chances to WIN!

- Weigh out with your coach (virtually) to take your FINAL stats NO LATER THAN MARCH 6th

- Join the ONLINE PAYOUT CELEBRATION on March 13th to WIN!!!! Must be present to win! (if you are out of town that day, please inform your coach WHEN you join the program.  Absences will only be accepted if we know ahead of time)


WHO WINS!!!!??

This is where it gets fun!  In addition to our weekly prizes that everyone is eligible to win, we will have our Grand Prize Winners.  ALL MONEY FROM YOUR ENTRY FEES GOES INTO THIS POT!!  aka 20 teams is $2,000!!   


The winners will be calculated by weight loss PERCENTAGE.... not total lbs lost (it is much easier for someone who is 250lbs to lose weight than it is for someone who is 140lbs... this levels the playing field so that everyone has an equal chance of winning.) In order to win the cash prizes, you have to be on nutrition with you FittCoach.



Depending on number of entries, we will have 1-4 individual winners based on weight loss percentage!  You get cold hard cash!$$


In addition, we are going to have a TEAM win!!  This will figured out by taking the average body weight percentage loss from each teammate!  Work as a team and win as team!  You can win both the team and individual prizes!  


Dollar Bill in Jar

We encourage you to form a team for optimum results.  It is proven that people with strong accountability groups perform better and stay on track longer, plus we need to start building relationships again for our mental health!   That is why this is in fact the QuaranTEAM challenge.  If you do not have a team YET, reach out to some friends and family and see who likes winning money and wants to lose a few lbs!  Invite them to check it out!  (You cannot form teams by grabbing other RightFitt Client you met in the group.  It needs to be from your circle.)

In the mean time - register yourself as an individual to make your commitment.  When you have your team formed, we will refund your entry so the full team can register togetherI

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