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Your life is meant to be experienced with joy, love and happiness.  Taking care of your mind and body can be a journey that makes you smile.  Instead of running after numbers, run after a lifestyle that brings you peace, excitement and confidence.


This is what we do.


We support people to find their ultimate life experience with ease and compassion through a variety of fun, motivating effective experiences.  We hope this page brings some light and love into your life!  

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A message to the mommas, wives, daughters, friends, leaders, grandmothers, teens and women:

Until you learn to fully love, accept and cherish yourself... Until you learn to make time for yourself... Until you choose to become your greatest self...

You will never show up for the loved ones in your life.  

Step up to your life and choose a happiness that radiates from your soul on to those around you!  These mindset programs will support you every step of the way!

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Complete Transformation Experience

I AM: Journey is an incredible introduction to the tools that not only help you survive the challenges of life but to thrive in your journey!

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10 Minute Daily Mindshift

Baby step into lifestyle changes in just 10 minutes a day.  These experiences will be launched in July 2022.

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Mindset Workshops

Local and online workshops where we come together to cover specific topics like Releasing, Discovering, Energy Intro, Candle Making and so much more.

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Loving your body is not about a number....


It's not a number on the scale or the size of your clothes.  It's not dieting and excessive calorie cuts. 


It's about making choices that are positive for your body - Eating healthier, more nutritious foods; Moving your body when you can.  Fueling yourself for an energetic lifestyle.

We have an assortment of experiences that support a healthy lifestyle from 10 minute daily workouts, to 21 day nutrition programs all of the way to 100% comprehensive transformation and workout programs.

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Complete Transformation Experience

ProjectMe is a 100% comprehensive program that provides nutrition programs, macro coaching, elite supplementation, certified workout programs and more at a very reasonable cost!

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10 Minute Daily Workout

Baby step into lifestyle changes in just 10 minutes a day. The workouts are fun and for all levels... done from home and take little to no equipment. 

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21 Day Nutrition Experiences

Creating new habits in baby steps 21-30 days at a time.  We have cleanses, detoxes, fat burners and so much more.  Perfect place to start or pair with our other programs to enhance your results.