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Register for November SPECIALTIES

Although we have a plethora of challenges you can start at ANY time... we launch a few things each and every month and we find that when we work together, we get better results!   Each month we have a 21 Day Transformation Experience, an At 10 Minute At Home Workout Experience and a Specialty Nutrition Experience.  

Check out whats coming up this month and save the calendar in order to stay on track!! You can pick and choose or DO ALL OF THEM for OPTIMUM RESULTS!!

Monthly 21 Day Transformation Challenge

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Focus for 21 Days

Every month we give you the motivation to FOCUS... you can do anything for 21 days!  $12 entry free and all money goes into the prize pot.  Weigh in on the 1st and weigh out on the 21st... Best transformation keeps the cash.  Nutrition program required.   

Monthly at home fitness Challenge

the magic workout challenge.jpg

At Home 10 Minute Workout

This month we have 2 options!  In the MAGIC we combine positive mindset with a quick fun workout so you can train your mind and body!! You will feel better all around in just 10 minutes a day! In the IM THANKFUL challenge we focus on one exercise a day -simple short and effective!  Join one or both!

Monthly Specialty nutrition challenge

lose 10 lbs before the holidays share on their feed.jpg

Lose 10 Lbs Before Thanksgiving

Let's FOCUS before the holidays begin!!  21 days of an exact meal plan that will get you back on track!  Our average loss has been 8 lbs!!  We have seen as many as 14lbs lost!  

projectme square marketing stamp.jpg

Complete Physical Transformation 

ProjectMe is a focused 8 week program where we provide EVERY TOOL you could possibly need to get physical results. 

  • Nutrition program

  • Fitness program

  • Weekly live Q&As Huddles

  • Weekly  Education and Support

  • Weekly weigh ins

  • Private community group and coaching

  • Photoshoots for progress and end results

Complete Mindset Transformation 

Everything starts with our mindset.  Everything is a result of our thoughts.  You are currently writing the chapters of your life.  Your happiness, your health, your wealth, your relationships, your success.  I AM: Journey is a program designed to support women to step into their greatest and happiest selves!  There are 10 lessons you will be guided through with monthly live coaching and opportunities for get togethers and crafts!  

Kickstart Your Life TODAY!!

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one on one coaching

Remember you can schedule a meeting with a Fitt Coach or start one-on-one coaching anytime!!  Fill out this form to have a coach contact you today!

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