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Igniting smiles

Inspiring Confidence

RightFitt offers programs that will help you FIND YOUR WAY in both PHYSICAL fitness and MENTAL happiness.  We make getting results FUN and SIMPLE.    

Welcome to our community of REAL people where the programs are helping ALL AGES, SIZES & TYPES to achieve their ULTIMATE HEALTH....and guess what -


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Angie Loses 42 Lbs and Regains Mindfullness

These programs are your ONE STOP SHOP to all of the things you need for a positive physical and/or mental transformation!  

ProjectMe and MomMe focuses 8 weeks at a time to transform physically with nutrition programs, macro coaching, workout programs, weekly check ins and zooms and MORE!  

I AM: Journey guides you through mindset growth introducing you to many tools that clear the drama, drum up motivation and help you find ultimate happiness!  

Sharing Food

With RightFitt, it's not about dieting and it's not about getting into a size 6... it's about learning how to create a long term lifestyle that is



When you learn how simple healthy nutrition can be, weight loss and body composition change is a natural result.  The best part is that you can do this with ease and it is FUN!  These short challenges and programs will help you find the healthy body you are seeking! 

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Join this for one of two reasons:

1 - You want to start working out consistently and have been having challenges or lack of motivation 


2 - You want to accelerate your current workout program with muscle confusion and fun unique challenges.

Either way - people LOVE our 10 minute workouts and find the layout is unique and fun!  ALL LEVELS & AGES!

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10 Minute Daily Mindset

We are excited to be introducing new mindset challenges to keep your mind moving in a positive direction.  Our goal is to ignite smiles and happiness starts within and it starts with a choice. 

Stay tuned as we add multiple 30 day mindset challenges that will help you to step into your happiest and most successful self!  You may find some of these tools are so simple yet life altering!!


RightFitt offers personalized coaching to all of our clients.  We will help you choose what accountability programs make the most sense for your OR we will simply create a fully customized program for you!  Click to be connected with a Fitt Coach and enjoy a free consultation to see if RightFitt is the right fit for you!

Still Not Sure!?  NO WORRIES!!  That is what we are here for.  Simply fill out this form and a Fitt Coach will get back to you via text to help you decide what exactly will help YOU meet YOUR goals!  


Results don't Lie

Are we the REAL DEAL??  Why don't you be the JUDGE OF THAT ...


Here are just a few of our clients.  RightFitt has helped 100s of people lose a total over over 75k pounds.  We have helped people:

Add on muscle...

Lose 100+ lbs...

Cut in their first 6 pack...

Go from 'mom bod' to 🔥...

and so much more.

But most importantly we work with our clients on a mindset level that leads to solid habits and long term results.  All of this while living a FUN and FULFILLED lifestyle.  


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RightFitt aspires to IGNITE SMILES and INSPIRE CONFIDENCE... and the more people we have sharing... the more people we can support.  We are constantly ADDING FITT COACHES to the team who are willing to be a CHEERLEADER and help MOTIVATE people to stay on track!  If you are interested in joining the team we want to hear from you ASAP!! 


Leading from the front


Meet the Coaches

Who are these crazy coaches igniting smiles and inspiring confidence?

check out what we offer

Nutrition Coaching, Fitness Programs, Fun Challenges, Motivation & SO MUCH MORE!

see our results

We are the real deal... that's why we have 100s of stories from people just like you!  

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Transformation can be scary... don't run... just reach out and we can guide you. 

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